Pothole Season In Full Swing

PennDOT ready to use more resources.
ALTOONA - PennDOT takes care of all the state roads in our area, and believe it or not after this rough winter we've had they say the pothole problem for them isn't too bad for now.
“I just got a brand new car and I think I've hit every pothole in Hollidaysburg,” Ashlie Detwiler says.
It's frustration a lot of drivers share with Ashlie Detwiler this time of year. Potholes, seemingly everywhere.
“We have several huge potholes. It's even colder in Patton than it is in Altoona,” Anna May Yacisin says.
PennDOT says this winter actually hasn't been any worse than years past in our region.
Cambria and Somerset counties have had the most problems due to colder temperatures and higher elevations.
“It's still early and there's more freezing and thawing to come,” PennDOT Spokesperson Tara Callahan-Henry says.
Right now PennDOT is providing temporary fixes to any potholes that get reported.
That will change later in the spring.
“Once the asphalt plants open in mid-late April they'll be going out and making a permanent fix on those roadways,” Callahan-Henry says.
And they'll be able to reach even more trouble spots than last year thanks to the new transportation bill which provides Penndot with millions of dollars in new funding.
“We're going to be able to get out there and pave some of the roads we haven't been able to get to in the last few years so it definitely will allow for some big improvements on our infrastructure season,” Callahan-Henry says.
And that's welcomed news to most drivers in the region.
“I think these roads are terrible around here so that's definitely good news,” Detwiler says.
While the weather may not seem it like now the winter season isn't over just yet. PennDOT says if you see any potholes be sure to report them by calling 1-800-fix-road.

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