Police On Alert For St. Patrick's Day

Police On Alert For St. Patrick's Day

DUI Patrols all weekend.
DUNCANSVILLE, BLAIR COUNTY - St. Patrick's Day is next Monday and with a lot of people celebrating this weekend, local and state law enforcement says they will be on full alert.

The Blair County DUI Task Force is planning roving patrols to try and crack down on people drinking and driving. On Wednesday they were warning people about some of the myths that come along with drinking, including drinking coffee and taking cold showers to help people sober up.

Clearfield County announced late Wednesday afternoon the Clearfield County DUI Strike Force will conduct roving patrols during the coming weekend as part of the Saint Patrick’s Day impaired driving enforcement period.

During the enforcement, officers will be watching for drivers who exhibit signs of impairment by drugs and/or alcohol. The patrols will take place throughout the county.

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