Police investigating ethnic intimidation against couple

The Mount Union couple has never had anything like this happen.
MOUNT UNION, HUNTINGDON COUNTY – State Police are calling it Ethnic Intimidation after someone wrote KKK outside an interracial couple’s home.

The couple says they lived through the Civil Rights movement together and this is the first real trouble they've had.

Sometime between 11:00 Wednesday night and 7:30 Thursday morning someone wrote the letters KKK in chalk on the sidewalk in front of their home on Sherman Street in Mount Union.

Wallace and Doris Green have lived there together for 35 years and been married for 49 years.

The interracial couple has never had anything like this happen in their Huntingdon County community.

The State Police in Huntingdon are in charge of the investigation and say this kind of thing is rare. And they're asking anyone who knows anything to give them a call at 814-627-3161.

The Greens are shocked this kind of thing is still happening and they just want to live their life together.
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