Police Continue to Investigate Campus Kidnapping

Police Continue to Investigate Campus Kidnapping

Penn State Police are trying to find who kidnapped a female student over the weekend.
PENN STATE, UNIVERSITY PARK - Penn State Police are continuing their investigation into a weekend kidnapping on the university's main campus in Centre County.

They say it happened around 1 a.m. Saturday, but wasn't reported until Tuesday afternoon.

Police say they're all hands on deck to try and find who kidnapped the female student and say they're following every lead.

"We're trying to work every angle," Penn State Campus Police Chief, Tyrone Parham, said. "We're trying to work the angles of whether or not this was a random attack or if she was singled out for some reason."

It's not something you hear about often at Penn State.

"It's a generally safe area. This is very unusual to happen in our community," Parham said.

Parham says a female student walking on Shortlidge Road, near Simmons Hall, Saturday morning, was allegedly grabbed off the sidewalk by white college-aged males and forced into a dark-colored sedan.

Police say the car drove toward College Avenue to an unknown location off campus. The suspects allegedly forced the woman out of the car and attempted to indecently assault her. She was able to get away.

"Once she was out of the car at this unknown location, that's when the one male tried to basically attack her by touching her inappropriately," Parham said. "She was able to push him away and then run off."

Parham says investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area and will add extra police details on campus at night.

It's a scenario Sarah Rhodes calls troubling.

"It's shocking. I feel like that stuff never happens here," she said. "It's generally a safe atmosphere."

Rhodes is a senior and says she's never heard of something like this.

"We have so many outlets on campus, like the blue lights and things," she said. "I'm always cautious anyway when walking, but it does have something in the back of my head."

Police ask anyone who may have been in the area and seen something Saturday morning to call 814-863-1111.

Officers urge members of the campus community to use the buddy system and walk with a friend or use the safe Walk Service by calling 814-865-WALK. Also, be sure to report any suspicious persons or activity immediately to 911.
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