Pigskin Previews: Glendale

Pigskin Previews: Glendale

The Vikings only won two games in 2013.

We are officially just days away from the start of school, which means football is nearing closer and closer.

So we continue our Pigskin Previews with Glendale.

The Vikings only won two games last season and they turned the ball over a lot.

Now, they've got a new head coach and a new attitude.

With some key guys returning and some bigger numbers out, they think this can be the year they turn things around.

They were very close in a lot of games. They made minor mistakes and it cost them in the long run. When they would get down in the game by a touchdown, they would put their heads down and just kind of fold. I want to change the attitude. Make ‘em tough. Make them believe. Put them in situations during practice that they'll fail and let them know that you can fail but you can come right back," coach Gary Walstrom says.

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