Perry Wellington Realty: Fading Foreclosures 8.15.14

Perry Wellington Realty: Fading Foreclosures 8.15.14

Foreclosures might just be a thing of the past. Circuit Mortgage fills us in on the trend that says they could be fading and what that means for homeowners.
Seeing foreclosure signs used to be a normal thing, but now that might not be the case. There's some evidence that says that foreclosures are actually fading. Circuit Mortgage tells us a little bit more about how this impacts not just the market but homeowners and builders too.

Perry Wellington Realty is a full service real estate brokerage based in Hollidaysburg with offices around the region. They offer mortgages through Circuit Mortgage, real estate for buyers and seller, as well as, a real estate training school. Plus, they only take 4.5% commission!

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Office Phone Numbers:

Hollidaysburg: (814) 695-5323
State College: (814) 273-1446
Johnstown: (814) 619-0256
Huntingdon: (814) 251-9725
Bedford: (814) 310-0099
Scranton (570) 309-6136
Reading (610) 440-4336

Circuit Mortgage: (814) 693-5337

Advance Academy: (814) 695-3050
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