Perry Wellington: FICO Score Changes 8.22.14

Perry Wellington: FICO Score Changes 8.22.14

Did you know that FICO is changing what shows up on your credit score? Watch the video for more information, including how it also affects mortgages.
Your credit score might start looking better thanks to FICO. The credit score corporation is dropping records of consumers who have failed to pay a bill that has been paid or settled by a collection agency. What does that mean for loans? How will mortgages be affected? Is it really as great as it seems? Adam Conrad weighs the pros and cons of the new changes.

Perry Wellington Realty is a full service real estate brokerage based in Hollidaysburg with offices around the region. They offer mortgages through Circuit Mortgage, real estate for buyers and seller, as well as, a real estate training school. Plus, they only take 4.5% commission!

For more information visit Perry Wellington Realty.

Office Phone Numbers:

Hollidaysburg: (814) 695-5323
State College: (814) 273-1446
Johnstown: (814) 619-0256
Huntingdon: (814) 251-9725
Bedford: (814) 310-0099
Scranton (570) 309-6136
Reading (610) 440-4336

Circuit Mortgage: (814) 693-5337

Advance Academy: (814) 695-3050
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