PennDOT, DelGrosso’s teaming up against holiday DUIs

The event had drivers sign a car pledging to not drink and drive during the holiday weekend.
TYRONE, BLAIR COUNTY – PennDOT is warning drivers about some of the dangers as millions hit the road for the Fourth of July holiday.

PennDOT, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park and local DUI Task Force units are teaming up and asking people to take the pledge to not drink and drive this holiday.

“Being that it's one of the bigger holidays of the year you'll see some issues out on the roadways,” said Anthony Scalia with PennDOT. “Law enforcement will be out making sure everyone is having a safe holiday, enjoying themselves.”

This is the fourth year PennDOT has teamed up with Delgrosso’s for the event. In 2013 there were 256 alcohol-related deaths on the road during the holiday travel period.
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