Parents Search for Daughter

Looking for 37 year old daughter after she jumped out of car.
PHILIPSBURG, CENTRE COUNTY – Friday morning, a 37 year old woman jumped out of her parents' moving car and ran into the woods.
They were heading west on interstate 80 near mile marker 77. Her parents were taking her to the Clarion Psychiatric Center.
The official search ended that afternoon, but the family's search continues. They're posting fliers everywhere in hope someone has seen her.
Nancy Bachman, Susan’s mother, said, “I am going through hell right now.”
That's the only way Susan's mother can describe the heartache since her 37 year old daughter ran away Friday.
“I love my daughter so much and she is a beautiful intelligent kind and generous person when she's not having one of these episodes,” said Nancy Bachman.
Susan has not been officially diagnosed, but her parents say she's been suffering from depression and anxiety.
Bill Bachman, her father, said “She's normally active cheerful person.”
She jumped out of a moving car and ran into the woods on I-80. Then, she tried to make sure she wouldn't be found by throwing away her phone and wallet. Her family set up a website to help in the search at www.FindSusanBachman.com

They're also calling places she could've ended up and asking them to be on the lookout.
Nancy Bachman said, “We're trying to find our daughter and we really want her back to help her get help.”
All they can continue to do is search and hope.
Bill Bachman said, “I'm hoping that she'll be found soon and the care she gets will resolve her mental issues and she will resume a normal productive life.”
Nancy Bachman said, “I love you Susan. We want you home. We want you so badly. Please come home Susan.”
Anyone with information about Susan is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at 814-371-4652.

The family is asking for volunteers to help with a search of the area near DuBois where the woman disappeared.  The search will start at noon on Monday, July 7. The search party will meet at the Travel America truck stop at Exit 78 off of I-80.

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