Pancreatic and Liver Cancers Increasing

Pancreatic cancer in line to become 2nd deadliest cancer.

Lung cancer is currently the deadliest cancer, followed by colorectal and breast. But, deaths from pancreatic and liver cancer are on the rise.

As deaths from many cancers drop, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network predicts pancreatic cancer will rise from the fourth to the second leading cause of cancer death by 2020.

Just 6 percent of pancreatic cancer patients  survive more than five years after diagnosis. The Action Network says that's due largely to the fact that pancreatic cancer is diagnosed late, metastisizes very early and is difficult to treat.

According to the group, the growing number of older people, the increase in diabetes and obesity, as well as smoking are also expected to result in more cases and deaths from pancreatic cancer.

It's estimated that 73 percent of patients will die in the first year of diagnosis.

Numbers also show that liver cancer will become the third leading cause of cancer deaths by 2030.

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