Overnight Forecast Friday, April 11th, 2014

Much warmer air will press into the region over the weekend.
Updated: Friday Night, April 11th, 2014
Reported by: Chief Meteorologist Joe Murgo

Saturday will start off damp with some clouds, fog and perhaps drizzle in places but the clouds will break for sunshine and it should turn warmer in the afternoon with highs in the 60s. In fact, if there is enough sunshine the mercury will reach well into the 60s. The front will turn around and become a warm front bringing some clouds and maybe a shower Saturday night into Sunday morning. Behind the warm front, it will turn windy and warmer with some sunshine and highs in the 70s on Sunday. Monday will also be warm but the next front will bring some showers and thunderstorms. Behind that front, Tuesday looks like a grey, damp and chilly day with some rain and maybe even some wet snowflakes. Wednesday will still be chilly followed by a warm up later in the week.
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