One Person Dead After Roof Collapse

Cambria County man is dead after a roof collapse at Zimmy's Campground
FALLENTIMBER, CAMBRIA COUNTY - One man is dead after a roof collapsed on him at Zimmies Campground in Cambria County.

Just before one o'clock Saturday afternoon, a 70-year-old Fallentimber man was trapped underneath a roof of mobile home, after it collapsed.
"Approximately 1,500 to 2,000 pounds came down while he was inside of the structure," said Jeffrey Lees, Cambria County Chief Deputy Coroner.
Lees said the 70-year-old, and another person,  started working to tear down the abandoned structure earlier in the week, and were looking to continue that project on Saturday.
"The roof was shimmed, by the people doing the work and it's a possibility that the wind could have been a factor as well."
Now, the 70-year-old man's neighbors can't believe their friend, who they say would help anyone with anything around the park, is gone.
"He was always there to help everybody he will be greatly missed and I just imagine a day going by without him," said Cathy Yeagle, a neighbor who knew the man.
An autopsy has been scheduled for Sunday morning.

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