Officers Conduct Drug Sweep

Officers Conduct Drug Sweep

Twenty suspected dealers are charge

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Police in Blair County Monday, had more than a dozen illegal dealers in custody, after a sweep across the region.

Sixteen of the 20 people charged have been arrested. Some of those arrested actually led police to get even more drug pushers off the streets.

This sweep was part of a year-long investigation by the Blair County Drug Task Force and Attorney General's Office. Officers said they were making buys from those suspected dealers. They recovered heroin, cocaine and prescription pills.

"In some of these cases we went and made a buy from an individual, he didn't have the dope on him and he went to his source the task force officers, guys from Altoona Police Department, were able to connect the dots and we were able to get the next guy above him, the mid level guy," said Tony Sassano, of the Pennsylvanie Attorney General’s Office.

Sassano said that heroin is still the main threat to safety in our area

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