New Study Supports Low Carb Diet

New Study Supports Low Carb Diet

Better for weight and heart.

If you want to lose weight and reduce your chances of having a heart attack, low-carb may be better than low-fat. In a new study, Tulane University researchers assigned 148 men and women to follow a low-carbohydrate or a low-fat diet.

After a year, people on the low-carb diet lost more weight and fat mass, and reduced their risk factors for heart disease, compared to  those on the low-fat diet.

Cleveland Clinic Dietitian Julia Zumpano says low-carb can sometimes also be low-fat. As She explained, "carbohydrates carry fat such as potato chips, or cake, or cookies, or french fries, or even pasta with alfredo sauce. So, a lot of times by cutting out carbs or cutting down carbs you're also cutting down a significant amount of fat calories."

People in the low-carbohydrate group lost on average of almost 8 pounds more than those in the low-fat group and blood levels of certain fats, linked to  heart disease, also decreased more in the low-carb  group.
Complete findings for the study are in the journal "Annals of Internal Medicine.

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