New Rules Would Restrict School Junk Food Ads

New Rules Would Restrict School Junk Food Ads

Obama administration also wants to ditch soda ads.

The Obama administration is proposing new rules limiting the marketing of unhealthy foods in schools. The rules phase out the advertising of sugary drinks and junk foods around campuses and ensure that other promotions in schools are in line with health standards. The changes would also remove popular drink ads seen from school scoreboards and vending machines.

Some schools are ahead of the curve and have already ditched junk food and its advertising. In our region, the State College Area School District says it's already gotten rid of soda so its vending machines don't advertise the product.

Critics say this latest proposal could cost schools much needed revenue and the federal government needs to back off on some of its school lunch standards.

The administration is also expanding a pilot program that will allow school districts that serve primarily low-income children to serve healthy free lunches and breakfast to all children regardless of need.

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