New Pa. Guidelines on Prescription Narcotics

New Pa. Guidelines on Prescription Narcotics

Aimed at tackling state's prescription drug abuse crisis.

HARRISBURG - Doctors and state officials introduced new guidelines aimed at tackling Pennsylvania's prescription drug abuse crisis.
Developed by the State Drug and Alcohol Program and the State Health Department, the voluntary recommendations deal with the use of prescription opioids to treat chronic non-cancer pain.

They call for a multi-pronged approach to treating chronic pain, such as combining physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and electronic stimulation therapy, along with careful use of medications.

The guidelines also recommend that providers periodically reassess patients on chronic opioid therapy  and carefully monitor them for inappropriate drug-related behaviors.

If patients show those behaviors repeatedly, providers are asked to discontinue the opioid therapy.
Highlights of new Guidelines for Physicians on Use of Prescription Opioids

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