New Laser Targets Tattoos

New Laser Targets Tattoos

Maker says it's quicker and more effective.

A new device promises to remove unwanted tattoos faster than ever before, even the most stubborn tattoos.

Stuart Yellin hopes a  new kind of laser treatment will be able to do what previous devices have not--completely remove his 11-year old barbed wire tattoo. He says, 'I got it at the spur on the moment with a cousin at the same time, and it started bleeding down my arm in streaks. I hated it."
Stuart says 27 treatments with a standard laser failed to fade his tattoo significantly, but after 3 monthly sessions with the PicoSure Laser his tattoo is becoming less visible. 

According to Dr. Gary Lask,Director of Dermatologic Surgery, at UCLA, "it's the first new breakthrough for tattoo treatment in about 20 years."
He says a faster pulse rate allows the device to remove tattoos quicker. Dr. Lask explains, "that laser fires at a trillionth of a second.  By doing that you're getting a more intense reaction,  that destroys the tattoo particles."
Fewer treatments are needed, but at $600 a session, the PicoSure Laser costs twice as much as typical laser treatments.
Stuart says his tatto cost $250, a fraction of what he's spent trying to get rid of it, nearly $10,000.
The PicoSure treatments are generally spaced about a month and a half apart to allow the impacts of the laser to continue working on the skin. Side effects can include temporary scabbing and blistering.

The closest PicoSure laser to us is in the Baltimore area. The treatment is also available in the Philadelphia area.

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