New Guidelines for Expectant Mothers

New Guidelines for Expectant Mothers

Specialists recommend against bed rest.

A new guidelines could change the way doctors treat problems during pregnancy.

About 1 in 5 women is placed on bed rest during their pregnancy, because of preterm contractions, high blood pressure, risk of miscarriage and other reasons.

Now, a guideline from doctors specializing in problem pregnancies, recommends against routinely restricting activities during pregnancy.

The Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine says bed rest hasn't been shown to reduce the chance of preterm delivery in women either at risk or already experiencing preterm labor. One study found that preterm birth was more common in women  at risk of preterm birth, when they were placed on any type of  restriction.

The doctors' group says there's no data indicating that activity restriction benefits any obstetric condition. On the other hand, the society says it may increase the risk of problems such as gestational diabetes and the formation of blood clots.
The Complete Report on Bed Rest During Pregnancy  

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