New Diet Trend

A new diet expected to trend in 2014 has you eating 500 calories on some days.
CLEARFIELD COUNTY- Uzi, from Uzi's Pasteries in downtown DuBois says when it comes to January business can be a bit slow.

He says people are dieting as a resolution, but at Buck's Pizza, also in DuBois, they say people do not give up pizza.

Owner Nate Benton explains its a comfort food people tend to come back to.

A new 2014 diet trend suggests you do not have to give up cakes, pies or pizza and you can still lose weight.

The diet is called the " the every other day diet". The book was written by Krista Varady and suggests eating whatever you want then, fasting by eating only 500 calories on non-consecutive days.

On CBS New's website they state " Associate professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, Krista Varady believes the key to weight loss is not skimping on what you love to eat or constantly counting calories or carbohydrates. Instead, she believes you can still enjoy food by switching between days where you eat whatever you want and then limiting yourself on alternate days to just 500 calories".

For other predicted diet trends see CBS News.
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