New App Pushes Emergency Communication

It's a new app local officials are hoping will help save lives.
HUNTINGDON COUNTY - It's a new app local officials are hoping will save lives.

It's called Ping4Alerts! and it's designed to send alerts any time there's an emergency situation Huntingdon County officials want everyone to be aware of.

Huntingdon County's Emergency Management Agency has been looking to use an app like this since 2004. They said now, they hope they'll be leaders in the state for others to use it, too.

"We have plenty of members of the community that use Facebook, Twitter, social media every day," EMA Director, Adam Miller, said. "They're very comfortable using that. We want to be able to reach people on the platform they are most comfortable using."

After nearly 10 years of searching, Miller said Ping4Alerts! is the answer. It's relatively easy to use and it's free. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone.

"We can provide picture information for folks, sometimes we can do videos, we can provide maps to the community, we can provide a mechanism for folks to get further information," Miller said.

The app even allows you to share information you receive on your own social media platforms, so friends and family without the app can know what's going on.

Since Huntingdon is the first county in the state to use the app, Miller said they got a deal. They'll play $3,000 for three years of service.

Some are skeptical.

"I've seen stuff like this in other areas," resident Evan Gross said. "Flood coming, bad weather, and it never happens, so it's another boy who cried wolf scenario."

Others are more optimistic. Parents we spoke with say an app like this should be in place, especially for any emergencies that may come up while their kids are at school.

"We want to reach as many people in the community of communications systems as we possibly can," Miller said.

To learn more about the app, visit the Huntingdon County EMA website.
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