New After-School Program Needs Director to Open

New After-School Program Needs Director to Open

A new after-school program is ready to open at one area school but is waiting for one important person.<br /><br /><br />
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY -- The Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation would like to begin their after school program at Penn Lincoln Elementary in Altoona.

Nearly 90% of the 600 students here receive free lunches which shows why this program is needed for the 40 kids that could enroll.

The problem is they haven't been able to find a site director.

As Gloria Gates Foundation's Executive Director Toni Bilik explains, "We are looking for somebody who understands youth at risk, who is as excited about learning as the rest of us are and who can just help us open the world and the eyes and experiences of the children here."

Penn Lincoln Elementary Principal Cathy Keefe says the program would fill an important gap. "Many time our students go home and there may not be a table, there may not be time, and there may not be anyone there to help. " Keefe adds the structure, homework help and play-time offered in this after-school program could help these at-risk kids.

The Gloria Gates Foundation currently has after-school programs at Evergreen Manors, Fairview Hills, and Logan Hills.

To learn more about the Site Director position at Penn Lincoln, contact Executive Director Toni Bilik.
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