Near Drowning Victim Dies

A young boy passes away after a near drowning incident last week
SHAWNEE STATE PARK, BEDFORD COUNTY – The young boy recovering in the hospital after a near drowning last week has died.
Seven-year-old Jason Fetter passed this afternoon just after one o'clock.
Late Friday evening, Fetter's grandmother took to social media to let everyone know that he passed away.
Last Wednesday, Fetter was at Shawnee State Park, participating in a swimming class through the Bedford Parks and Rec. Program.
Rescue crews from the area were called to the scene to help. Fetter was rushed to an area hospital, and then taken to children's hospital in Pittsburgh.
Park managers at Shawnee tell us it's been more than two decades since the last drowning incident.
Fetter's family did set up a fund earlier in the week, to help cover medical costs. Donations are being collected at the Altoona First Savings Bank. Jars are also set up in CoGo’s in Bedford County.

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