Multiple Thefts Lead to Change of Mile Marker 420 Sign

How one state's transportation department got clever after the "MILE 40" sign kept disappearing
STRATTON, COLORADO - The "MILE 420" highway marker sign near Stratton, Colo, has been stolen so many times that state officials decided to get clever.

Thieves have been stealing the 420 mile marker sign so often, the state's transportation department has changed it to "419.99" to try and stop the problem.

Amy Ford, a spokeswoman with the Colorado Department of Transportation, told USA Today that, "it's a traffic safety thing. It's a helpful thing to have these signs on the road. But people kept ripping them off."

The number 420 is often used as a reference to smoking marijuana.

The 419.99 sign has been put up within the last year.

So far, the Colorado Department of Transportation say it's been working.
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