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Mud And Water All Over The Place

Area school is closed Wednesday and Thursday for cleanup...

NORTHERN CAMBRIA, CAMBRIA COUNTY - Crews are spending the day cleaning up and hauling waterlogged items out of Northern Cambria Elementary-Middle School.

Much of the school took on water Monday evening during thunderstorms.

The Northern Cambria School District canceled classes for all students Tuesday.

About 800 kids attend the elementary-middle school. Northern Cambria's superintendent said they won't have class Wednesday or Thursday. However, high school students will return Wednesday.

 Interim Superintendent Rodney Green sent out the following email regarding the closure and cleanup efforts:

1. At this time, ServPro Restoration services has a crew of approximately 50 to 60 on site at the elementary/middle school, engaged in water extraction, cleaning, disinfecting, and drying activities.  We expect their work to continue through the remainder of this week.    As part of the restoration activities, we also have Allegheny Mountain Research conducting air quality & bacteria monitoring tests.  These test results are part of the restoration process and are used to ensure that the work & school environment continues to be safe to all concerned.

2. Effective Wednesday, September 4, 2013, the Northern Cambria High School will be in session at its regularly scheduled time.  All high school staff should report for  work on their regular schedules.  Also in session will be the Northern Cambria Catholic School.

3. Also effective Wednesday, September 4, 2013, the Northern Cambria Elementary/Middle School will be continue to be closed and will remain closed on Thursday, September 5, 2013.  The decision whether to re-open the elementary/middle school for Friday, September 6 will be made and communicated to all in the very near future.  

4. All Elementary/Middle school teachers are to report to the Northern Cambria High School Auditorium on Wednesday morning at their regularly scheduled time.  Mr. Rocco will be there to give you your assigned duties at that time. 

5. All Elementary/Middle school aides are not to report to work on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  You will be contacted if we plan to have you return to work on Friday.

6.At this time, we are treating the Northern Cambria Elementary/Middle School campus as if it were an active construction site.  Therefore, only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the school  and school site until we are certain that all flood restoration activities are completed.   If you need to enter the school, you will need permission from your principal and/or supervisor. 

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