Motorcycles Back On the Roads

Warmer weather means drivers are going to share the road with motorcycles once again.
ALTOONA – In 2012, 210 people died in Pennsylvania from motorcycle accidents; that's more than one every other day.
After a long winter, it’s time for drivers to remember to share the road once again.
"We do see riders starting to come out and inspections are picking up," said Steve Seltzer, owner of Steve Seltzer Powersports.
The bikes have been coming into the shop, getting ready for the season. And that has a lot to do with the weather.
"It's been pretty well cleaned up from what I can tell,” said Mike Gunsallus. “The side roads occasionally will have some cinders on them you just have to be careful when you see them and try to avoid them as much as possible."
Lt. Mark Argiro, of the State College Police Department, said it's important to remember to keep your distance with bikers back out on the roads.
"When you allow yourself the great distance, you give yourself more reaction time which is going to be safer for everybody."
Now is the time when we start hearing again "look twice save a life." But riders say it's just as important for them to do too.
"For motorcycle riders, always anticipate something going wrong,” said Gunsallus. “Try and be safe on highway, make yourself as visible as possible when you approach intersections. Do it in a safe manner."
Some riders even say it’s also a good idea to take a refresh course.
"I took the class back in 2005 and to be honest with you I learned things I don't think I knew when I was 16 old," said Seltzer.
"I took the course, they teach you certain skills to always be on the look out," said Lt. Argiro.
If you are interested in taking a class, they're held every Wednesday night here at Steve Seltzer Powersports.

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