Meth Made Near Kids

Meth Made Near Kids

Police have arrested a man they say was making meth in his house.
KNOX TOWNSHIP, JEFFERSON COUNTY - Police say they were investigating drug activity at 76 Manor Lane in Knox Township, Jefferson County.

After nearly seven months, they were able to serve a search warrant for the home. They say outside and inside they found the materials needed to make meth. They also found a "shake and bake" lab. explains, "Also known as the "one pot" method, shake and bake meth is produced in a two-liter soda bottle. A few cold pills are mixed with common, but noxious, household chemicals and produces enough meth for the user to get a few hits".

The mixture can easily turn into a ball of fire.

After searching the home, police arrested Michael Guthrie, 42, for allegedly making meth.

Neighbors say it's scary because there are kids in Guthrie's neighborhood and his mixture could have exploded.

He is in the Jefferson County jail on $100,000 straight bail.
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