Meth Lab Discovered

Meth Lab Discovered

A meth lab was discovered outside of Brookville in Warsaw, Jefferson County.
JEFFERSON COUNTY - Police say after a four month investigation, they found three people they believe were cooking meth in a garage in Warsaw Township, Jefferson County.

"When the officers got there they said they could actually smell the lab even prior to them approaching the residence" said Captain Bernard Petrovsky.

Thursday morning State Police arrested April Novak, 43, her son Michael Novak, 22, and her boyfriend Dean Paige, 52. The three were living in Andy Novak's garage and he had no idea they were using it to make meth.

"I was good enough to give them a place to live out there when they couldn't live in their trailer and here they are making drugs which I hate more than anything in the world" said Andy Novak.

The arrests were a combined effort between the State Police Vice Unit and the Jefferson County Drug Task Force.

"I am very pleased. This is a perfect example of what happens when agencies work together very good things happen" said District Attorney Jeff Burkett.

Both Novaks and Paige are in the Jefferson County Jail on $50,000 bail.

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