March Madness Vasectomies?

Do more men schedule the procedure this time of year so they can stay home and watch the games?

March Madness is not only taking place on the basketball court this week. Some  urologists say they're overrun by patients this time of year having a vasectomy.

Dr. Edmund Sabanegh, a urologist at Cleveland Clinic says, "we see a lot of men who have held off scheduling this until a time of year when they know that they can have some down, time when they can watch television or do something else of interest and we tend to see surges around March Madness for the tournament and we tend to see surges around the Super Bowl." 

But the American Urological Association says it does not have data showing any link between March Madness and an increase in the number of vasectomies performed.

A local urologist agrees, saying he has none scheduled this week. At Blair Medical Associates, Dr. Theodore Belis says, "for Valentines Day we had 5 schedule, so I see an increase during Valentine's Day period."
He says "no-incision" techniques help make vasectomies quicker and more comfortable. Men are typically told to stay in a reclined position and put ice on the procedure area. So, they can stay on the couch  and watch basketball, but Dr. Belis says, "there'd be definitely some discomfort there, plus you still might be under sedation so you may not have a good view of the game after all."

Dr Belis says other than the Valentine's Day spike, the vasectomy rate in his office stays stable, about two a week, all year long.


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