Man's Best Friend Saves Owner's Life

A dog alerted his owner to a fire
EVERETT, BEDFORD COUNTY - Mike Means got his dog Jed six years ago. He said he wanted a companion, little did he know, his companion would one day save his life.
"I went to living room to see what was going on and I seen flames and everything," said Means.
This is what mike means woke up to early Thursday morning, but how he woke up, is pretty amazing.
“Jed, he came over and bumped me on the shoulder like he had to go to the bathroom and normally, he don't have to go that early in the morning."
What Jed was trying to do was wake Means up, to let him know their home was on fire...
"Whenever I opened my eyes up, I saw fog. Whenever I set up, I smelt smoke."
And it's because of that shoulder bump from Jed, Means say's he's still alive.
"I'd have probably come under smoke and I probably wouldn't have waked up more or less."
The fire destroyed Means’ house and many of his belongings, but the one the fire didn’t take was his best friend of six year.
"That's what everybody says at least you got each other you know other things can be replaced."
The community has been helping Means get back on his feet. Starting Monday morning, the family hopes to have a fund set up at Hometown Bank in Everett.

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