Lucky Dog Rescued on Icy Lake

Lucky Dog Rescued on Icy Lake

Members of the Coast Guard were in the right place at the right time
(CBS DETROIT) - Crew members with the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay helped rescue a dog Monday that they found stranded on the open ice of Lake St. Clair.

The dog was hoisted aboard the cutter and given first aid, “his feet were pretty messed up,” said Coast Guard FS1 Brian Essler.

The large dog, estimated to be about 13-years-old, had badly injured his feet digging in the snow and ice to make a barrier for himself against the wind.

“Lucky and Cutter” are two names we came up with said Essler. “He was in the middle of nowhere, and couldn’t walk when we got to him.”

Once indoors ‘Lucky Cutter’ was given choice cuts of meat and even spent the night in the chief’s quarters to rest soundly.

He was transferred to an area animal shelter for further care and is expected to recover.
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