Locals sound off on UFO over Altoona

Locals sound off on UFO over Altoona

Our social media page was very active over the video of a reported object in the sky late Monday.
ALTOONA – WTAJ’s Facebook page had a lively discussion Tuesday after a viewer sent in video of a UFO, or unidentified flying object.

“It’s hard to tell,” said Barry Baker of Hollidaysburg. “I thought it was a Chinese lantern at first.”

“I was thinking some sort of light,” said Amanda Cox.

“It looked like a laser pointer to me in the sky,” said Gary Keagy.

“I think it might be a UFO because I’ve seen some pretty weird things in the sky,” said Revel Southwell of Altoona.

“It’s a really big world for just humans to be on here,” said Jazmin McAlexander of Brookville, Jefferson County.

“I’d imagine there’s something else out there but I try not to think about it too much,” said Baker.

“It looks to me like a beam of light shining against a cloud deck,” said aviation expert Skip Smith. “It bounces around like somebody would shine something up there and do that.”
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