Local Sailor Surprises Family

Local Sailor Surprises Family

Local sailor surprises family... and it's all caught on camera!

Keeping a secret from 18 members of your family may be hard, but local sailor, Nate Reid, of Martinsburg, did just that.

Reid is a Master of Arms in the Navy, surprised his entire family a few weeks ago. He turned the corner of the dining room, as his loved ones were about to take a group picture.

"You had to go give him a hug right away," said Patty Reid, Nate's mom. "When they're away, I'm sure other military families can attest to this, there's an ache in your heart you know and then to see him there. Then you got up the next morning and there he was laying on the couch."

Nate was supposed to be in by Bahrain, and his parents didn't expect to see him until next October. But with the help of his sister, April, and his brother, Jeffrey, who's a Navy Seal, Nate pulled off this surprise. And April, had it all on camera.

"For April and Jeffrey to pull that all together, it was a special night, that we'll never forget," said Patty.

The Reid’s say that video will be something they’ll treasure forever.

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