Local Man Scheduled For Execution

Local Man Scheduled For Execution

Governor signs execution warrant for man convicted of murder in 2002.
JEFFERSON COUNTY - Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed the execution warrant for convicted murderer Robert Rega on Tuesday.

47 year old Rega of Punxsutawney was convicted in Jefferson County Court in 2002 of first-degree murder.

In 2000, Rega shot and killed a night watchman, execution style during a robbery at the Gateway Lodge Motel in Cook Forest, Jefferson County. 

A death warrant for Rega was previously signed by Governor Ed Rendell in 2008, but the case was appealed to the Supreme Court although later denied.

Rega's execution is currently scheduled for January 28, and if carried out, would be the first execution in Pennsylvania since 1999.

Corbett also signed an execution warrant for Leon Jerome Moser, who was convicted for two murders in 2008. Moser is scheduled to be executed on January 29th.

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