Local Docs Keep an Eye on Rare Virus

They say it's unlikely to come here, but they're prepared.

A patient with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS is being treated at a hospital in the state of Indiana.

The Centers for Disease Control says the patient traveled from  Saudi Arabia to London and then to  the United States. Because of  shortness of breath,  couging,  fever, and travel history, the patient was tested and found to be positive for MERS.

The CDC says it's been preparing for the virus since 2012 when it was discovered in Saudi Arabia.
One local doctor says MERS wouldn't seem to be a danger in our area, but places like Penn State University, with an international population need to be aware of potential exposure.
According to Dr. Evan Bell, an infectious disease specialist at Mt. Nittany Medical Center, " with the way air travel moves now and people moving around the globe, it's possible that somebody will travel to an area where MERS is endemic and come to this area."

Dr Bell says Mount Nittany has the facilities to isolate and treat someone with MERS, but he hopes the disease goes the way of other deadly viruses like SARS that seem to have dminished.

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