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Local Boy Finally Seizure-Free

Has 3 lobes of his brain removed.

A few months ago, we introduced you to a local boy who had one big wish---not a new toy or a day at a theme park, but a life without  seizures. He may finally have gotten what he's wanted all his life.
Hunter McGarvey, from Altoona  began having seizures when he was six months old.  He's now nine, and in recent years,  began having multiple seizures every day. It became so bad he and his mother made a life-changing decision---major brain surgery for hunter.

On June 12, surgeons cut into Hunter's skull and placed 152 electrodes on his brain, and inserted one inside. For a week, they mapped his seizure activity.

His mother Nicole says, "they stated that  because of all his seizure activity, along with other bad parts of his brain, they needed to resect 3 lobes of the left side of his brain."

She says doctors at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh removed three lobes of the left  side her son's brain, leaving only one.

She says during the whole process he didn't complain, only saying that his head hurt. And he adds, "I wasn't scared or anything and I didn't cry."

He's glad to finally be seizure-free. Nicole says she sees a big difference in his ability to focus and communicate. In her words, "he thinks a lot more clearer, just the way he talks and things like that.  It's phenomenal."

Hunter no sees double, but,unfortunately, he's lost half of the vision in each eye, since the surgery. He'll be tested later on to see if he now is considered legally blind.

Overall, Nicole says, despite the risks of the surgery and the potential for side-effects, she's satisfied with the results of the surgery.

"Yes, it is scary," she says, "but if you can iprove your life, I would highly suggest it. Had we thought of this at an earlier year in my son's life, I would have been all for it."

Nicole says there was  was always a chance Hunter could have had a major seizure that could have killed him. But now they're looking forward to a seizure free future

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