Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in PA

This is an odd tip that is actually geared to those who haven't given the winter sports a try but have been wondering if it is for them. A lot of people really want to give it a go but fear they won't succeed or won't be able to do it. While skiing or snowboarding is not for 100% of the people the percentage of those who can enjoy is not too far away. Let me address the two biggest concerns.<br><br><b>I will end up hurting myself</b><br><br>I will tell you that in most (but not all) cases you will not get hurt unless you are doing something that you shouldn't do. Yes, for some that includes putting the skis on your feet, but again that is a minority. If you can walk and perform many things with some coordination, then you can do it. Just have a positive attitude and learn from a qualified instructor who will teach you the proper start by learning to turn to control your skiing, you should be able to go. <br><br><b>It is very expensive for trying something new</b><br><br>Many resorts offer learn to ski or board programs at a very reasonable rate. One reasonable fee gets you a lesson, rental and lift ticket to beginner areas (where you should stay at first). And given the month, Blue Knob, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley all are offering extra discounts on these packages. <br mce_bogus="1">

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