Lawmaker Proposing Changes to Liquor Sales

Lawmaker Proposing Changes to Liquor Sales

A Pennsylvania State Representative is proposing to change the way liquor is sold in the state.
PENNSYLVANIA - A State Representative is looking at news ways to change liquor sales.

Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, (R) 18th District in Bucks County, is proposing an alternative to privatizing. He's suggesting to allow more state stores to be open on Sundays, having more state stores within other stores and more flexibility when it comes to pricing.

These new ideas are getting mixed reviews from voters.

"It should be accessible," said Christopher Abericia, of Huntingdon. "We should be able to get drinks and liquor anytime we want."

"I don't think Sunday," said Jean Reighard, of Altoona. "They should be able to be profitable on any other day for our state of Pennsylvania."

These proposed changes are not sitting well with State Rep. John McGinnis, (R) 79th District.

"Why can't we get the state out of the business entirely and let the market start producing ways of convenience?"

Rep. McGinnis believes this proposal is only "a fig leaf for reform."
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