Lawmaker Opposes Healthy Pa. Plan

Lawmaker Opposes Healthy Pa. Plan

Local representative says it's costing people jobs and health coverage.
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - A lawmaker from Central Pennsylvania is criticizing Pennsylvania's request for a Medicaid waiver. State Representative Scott Conklin accused Governor Tom Corbett of doing things backwards .
On Wednesday, the Corbett Admistration asked the federal government to allow Pennsylvania to avoid expanding Medicaid. He's asking approval of his Healthy Pennsylvania Plan which would use federal money to buy private health coverage for residents. It would also require a work search and co-pays from some recipients.

Representative Conklin said that's the wrong way to go about it. "This is about Pennsylvanians without health insurance, that can't be covered," he said.

"What the governor could do is accept the Medicaid expansion, put 40,000 people to work, get people without coverage, insurance, medical coverage, and then at the same time, he can submit his plan. This is politics at its worst," he continued.

Supporters of Medicaid expansion say it would create up to 40,000 jobs in the first ten years and insure nearly 700,000 residents.

Representative Conklin said delaying the expansion is a disservice to people who need jobs, and those who need medical assistance.

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