Keystone Pin-Ups "Pin-Up" Our Host!

The Keystone Pin-Ups join us to talk about their charity, their vintage style and to demonstrate the look on our host Dawn!

Members of the Keystone Pin-Ups Lana L'amour, Ivy, Rebel and WWII Re-enactor Hunter Ake join us to talk about their charity that benefits veterans and their authentic styles. They also demonstrate the "pin-up" look on our host Dawn!

About the Pin-ups from their website: "Keystone Pinups, established in 2013, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization, whose members strive to follow in the footsteps of the original canteen girls who stood as a symbol of American volunteerism and femininity.
Our members volunteer their time and efforts to raise funds and awareness for various Veteran, Military Service Member and First Responder charities.
Keystone Pinups seek volunteers with a heart for our mission and a focus on charity. We are very concerned about the issues our Veterans and their families face such as PTSD, wounded, homeless, hungry Veterans, the proper care of aging Vets as well as giving them all, regardless of age or service, the proper respect and thanks they deserve."

Current Volunteers will take part in a Pin-Up Boot Camp this weekend! 
To learn more, visit The Keystone Pin-Ups online!

Cover Photo: Courtesy Keystone Pin-ups and Jason Holmes Productions

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