Kayaker Flips and Drowns

A man and his relative went kayaking on Saturday in the Susquehanna River.
BURNSIDE, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Police say around 11:00, on Saturday morning, they were called to the West part of the Susquehanna River for a water rescue.

Witnesses say watching rescue workers trying to save Edward Heberling Jr.,48, from the freezing waters was heartbreaking.

Heberling Jr. was kayaking and flipped into the freezing, fast paced water. Rescue teams could not see him through the ice.

Within 45 minutes, his body was found about 100 yards away from where he flipped. He was revived and flown to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

This is the first drowning in Burnside.

Departments came from as far as an hour away to assist in this rescue. State police did thank everyone who made such an effort to save this man's life. Witnesses say they are now just praying for his family.

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