Kawaii Koubou

Kawaii Koubou

Check out Kawaii Koubou as they perform at Morrison's Cove Memorial Park on July 4th!

Check out the pop dance group "Kawaii Koubou" as they perform at Morrison's Cove Memorial Park. Be sure to purchase a raffle ticket! They'll be giving away an official "Kawaii Koubou" t-shirt!

On today's show, group leader Jamie Eckenrode stops by to talk about the dance group and how it got started.  She gives us a live demo of what "Kawaii Koubou" will be performing in the upcoming Fourth of July festivities!

What's happening:
Kawaii Koubou
Morrison's Cove Memorial Park
July 3rd, 7 p.m.

More about the group:
"Kawaii Koubou" is a Japanese and Korean dance group that covers popular dances from Japanese and Korean pop groups.

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