Jay Paterno Runs for Lt. Governor

Jay Paterno Runs for Lt. Governor

A famous name entered the race for Lieutenant Governor.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - A famous name entered the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Jay Paterno started gathering the thousand signatures he needs to get on the ballot.

He released a statement saying, “Pennsylvania needs new leadership; leadership that listens to and considers all sides and builds team work and unity to create opportunity for all.”

It's not his first brush with politics he campaigned for the Obama Biden ticket back in 2008. There were rumors a few months ago that he would run for congress, like his brother Scott did several years ago. But he surprised some people when he announced his bid for Lieutenant Governor.

Saint Francis University Political Science Professor Joe Melusky said his name recognition makes him a strong candidate.

Blair County Democratic Chair Frank Roosenhoover agrees. He says all the other candidates are well know in their region, but Jay Paterno is known across the state. That means he doesn’t have to tell everyone who he is, just why he wants to run for office.

Along those lines Paterno also said "We want to bring change to Harrisburg, putting government back on the side of families, with a focus on improving education, creating jobs and promoting equality for all."

Fellow Democrat and Former Lt. Governor candidate Scott Conklin is telling voters there’s more to Jay Paterno than just his last name. He says people shouldn’t vote for or against him based on his name but he thinks if they get to know him they’ll be satisfied with his ideas.

The primary election is May 20th.
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