Huntingdon Fiberglass Saves Jobs

Huntingdon Fiberglass Saves Jobs

A local manufacturing plant announces some good economic news.
HUNTINGDON, HUNTINGDON COUNTY - A local manufacturing plant announces some good economic news.

A new company took over for AGY in Huntingdon. Now the fiberglass manufacturing plant will keep running and dozens of people will keep their jobs.

The Secretary for the Department of Community and Economic Development toured the Huntingdon Fiberglass Plant Tuesday. They make fiberglass filament and roll it into mats that eventually becomes all kinds of products like benches, bus seats, and classroom seats.

Paul Geist used to be a plant manager here. But when AGY decided to sell the business and move to another state he teamed up with Stonewood Capital Management to buy the plant and keep it in Huntingdon.

Gloria Carbaugh started working here 25 years ago, but left when the plant slowed down. She came back now that Geist started Huntingdon Fiberglass Products. And when she toured the plant the workers told her they’re hopeful now that she’s back.

The plant saved 54 jobs and plan to add more by the end of the year.
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