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How to Get Rid of a Cold

A new study tells what works, what doesn't.

It's the  time of the year when everyone around us seems to be dealing with a cold. So what works and doesn't work when trying to treat the virus?
A new study reviews prevention and treatments for the common cold and finds clean hands are the key to staying healthy. Really washing your hands a lot, hand sanitizers work great.

The research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal also found zinc supplements may work for kids and adults and probiotics may also help.

Researchers say drugs combining antihistamines with decongestants or pain medication appear to be somewhat effective in treating colds in adults and older children,  but not in younger kids. Cough medicines showed a slight benefit in adults, but Vitamin C and echinachea showed no benefit.

The study also shows antibiotics have no effect on treating colds. Honey seemed to have some benefit for children over one.

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