Hoping the Worst of Winter is Over

Hoping the Worst of Winter is Over

Some municipalities are dealing with budget problems due to the tough winter.
PUNXSUTAWNEY, JEFFERSON COUNTY - Many people are thrilled to finally be seeing some grass and they were happy Monday's expected storm went to the south of us, but possibly no one was happier than the municipalities who have hit their budget limit for rock salt.

When it comes to salt supply, many places have a contract with the state for the price they can pay for salt and the amount they can buy.

"Like most in our region, we have had to use an extensive amount of winter maintenance materials to keep our roads free of snow and ice this year and we've already almost exhausted our budget we have allocated for winter maintenance materials for 2014" said Punxsutawney Borough Manager Ben White.

White has been in his position for 10 years and says it's the worst winter for materials he has experienced.

"We know it's going to be more expensive so, borough council will have to decide what funds to take money out of to move money around to pay for the winter maintenance materials not only for this winter season, but the fall also for the end of December" he said.

They have about 140 tons left. Crews say a storm usually requires about 12 ton of salt.

The issue could continue to impact them throughout the year. The same funds they use for winter maintenance they use for paving in the summer.

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