Homewood at Martinsburg Salutes their Volunteers

The Library, Country Store, Mail Room and more: We take a tour of several spots where volunteers make a difference at Homewood at Martinsburg.

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. On today's show, Homewood at Martinsburg shines the spotlight on their hundreds of volunteers by inviting Central PA Live to take a tour of several spots where volunteers make a difference.
Stops include the Library, Country Store, Mail Room, Cyber Lounge and more!
Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Pierce is our guide as we check out each place.

" We have close to 200 volunteers right now... they range in age from 15 to 100," said Debbie. "When I started, I think we had about 125 volunteers. And, at that time, I think we had about 25 different programs going on. Now we have 38 different types of volunteer work. So, not only are we growing in numbers, but we are branching out and finding more opportunities for volunteer work."

Debbie says her volunteers really put in the time too!

"They're very active. Last year we turned in 34,000 hours," she said.

Interested in helping out at Homewood at Martinsburg?  If so, check out their Volunteer Recruitment Fair!

Volunteer Recruitment Fair
Homewood at Martinsburg
Southview Bldg. Cafe
Saturday, April 26
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

437 Givler Dr, Martinsburg, PA 16662
(814) 793-3728

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