Hometown Heroes keep VFW Post Alive

Local members of the oldest VFW post in the country are looking for a new facility.
In this Hometown hero segment, we recognize a group of veterans who are fighting to keep a piece of history alive in Blair county. The first VFW post in the country.

VFW Post 3 in Altoona is the oldest in the country. It's a far cry from its heyday. At one time it had the largest membership in the country with more than 2900 people. It's now down to 227 members.

The building at 1301 17th street has broken pipes, and roof problems that lead to water damage.
 They're removing memorabilia and cleaning it up so it can be sold. It's currently listing for $40,000. The 227 members are hoping to find a new place to gather. They need help in locating an affordable option. They just want to be able to provide the same opportunities for future generations as they had.
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