Hometown Hero Nicholas Frick

A VA employee in Altoona is giving back to fellow veterans with an art program.
In this Hometown Hero segment, we introduce you to a former soldier that's having a big impact on the mental well being of area servicemembers. Nicholas Frick is certified career specialist and councilor at the VA Van Zandt Medical Center in Altoona. He's helping these veterans share their feelings with art.

He started the program in 2008 to give veterans a healthy outlet, instead of turning to drinking and drugs. About 60 veterans are participating. They represent various wars and decades.

Frick knows about the need for a healthy outlet. He was a U.S. Army infrantryman between 2002 and 2005. After he was injured and medivac'd out, he got good services from the VA and now enjoys giving back. And it's likely he'll get more opportunities to help. The program may find a new home in the behavioural health building which is set to open within a year.
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