Help for an Embarrassing Gynecological Problem

It happens to women years after having children...

Childbirth, aging and obesity can all weaken muscles and ligaments in a woman's pelvis and cause embarrassing problems. Issues can range from urine loss after coughing or sneezing to the pelvic organs prolapsing, or slipping out of place. Now, new research compares two of the most common surgical options to treat these conditions for the first time.
Researchers studied 374 women who had surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and followed them for two years. Two of the most widely used procedures sew the vagina back into place, just at a slightly different orientation. Results show neither surgery was superior to the other. 

The team also found that pelvic floor muscle exercises, effective as a stand-alone treatment for occasional urinary leakage, did not make a difference in surgery success. 

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