Governor Calls Opioid Summit

Governor Calls Opioid Summit

Calls on state and local agencies to work together.

PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY COUNTY - Governor Tom Corbett  convened a summit on Friday, to discuss Pennsylvania's growing opioid addiction and overdose situation. Between 2009 and 2013, county coroners in the state identified nearly 3,000 heroin-related overdose deaths.

The governor called together local and state health agencies,law enforcement, legislative and judicial officials to discuss a response to the crisis.

He says he plans to raise awareness about the state's growing opioid problem and focus on how healthcare, law enforcement and community groups can collaborate  to stop the cycle of addiction and stem the growing  overdose problem.

Corbett says he's directing the  Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to  coordinate efforts at the state and local levels and will also hold a series of panel discussions in affected communities around the state.

Pennsylvania State Police troopers seized more than $16 million in heroin, crystal meth and other prohibited drugs in the first quarter of this year.

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